U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fallout Shelter Photographs
Omaha, Nebraska, Date 1968, Page 2

These photos were taken in Omaha, Nebraska at the Roberts Dairy Company. I have no information on these images except the captions that are on the back of the 8x10 prints. The images are displayed with the captions as they are written on the back of the prints. Any additional comments that I may ad will appear in Italics.

CD1207 – The Roberts Dairy Company General Office Building and milk processing plant. (17-20 May 1968)

CD1201- Stainless steel milk processing and packaging equipment at the Roberts Dairy company available for packing water in an emergency. Water was packaged with this equipment for use in a small town Iowa during a natural disaster. (17-20 May 1968)

CD1202 – Mr. Ed Anderson, General Safety Director for the Roberts Dairy company, displays Civil Defense water cartons furnished for emergency use by paper fabricators. (17-20 May 1968)

Civil Defense Drinking Water Carton

Here is an example of one of the civil defense drinking water cartons as seen in the CD1202 photo above. I got this one on eBay back in 2004. The carton I have appears to be identical to the carton seen in the CD1202 photo except the one in the photo has "Liquid" after the "One Half Gallon" on the label where my carton only says "One Half Gallon."

CD1203- Rosie Christopherson, Executive Secretary in the Roberts Dairy Company, examines cellophane covered bedding on triple tier bunks in the fallout shelter area. Bunks and bedding are furnished by the company. (17-20 May 1968)

CD1204 – Shelter supplies in Rober’s Dairy Company’s personnel fallout shelter were stocked by the company. Bessie Van Deusen, an executive secretary, examines water containers during a routine inspection. This shelter area has space for 36 employees and is ventilated and lighted by an emergency generator. (17-20 May 1968)

CD1205 – Supplemental supplies provide by the company, stored in the Roberts Dairy Company’s fallout shelter include cooking utensils and recreations items. (17-20May 1968)

CD1206 – Harry Egan, company engineer, starting the emergency generator which supplies light and power for the Roberts Dairy Company fallout shelter areas and partial stand-by power for the plant. (17-20 May 1968)