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Old Dallas Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center

Rear Building Entry Stairway and Blast Door

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Rear Building EOC Entry From Ground Level Looking Up Rear Entry Stairway

The above left photo (taken in July 2013) shows the rear building entry to the EOC. The door to the outside is out of the photo to the left. You can barely see the decontamination shower (see below) and the steel door at the rear entry into the shelter at the bottom of the stairway. The entry to the shelter is on the right at the bottom through the steel door. The stairway going up to the outside blast door is to the left at the bottom of this stairway.

The above right photo was taken looking up the rear stairway that goes up into the building. The door into the shelter is to the immediate left and the outside stairway is to the right. This photo was taken during the March 2003 tour. The stairway was serving as storage for a ladder and a big paper shark.

Outside Entry Stairway and Blast Door

The above left photo was taken standing in the rear door opening that goes into the EOC hallway. The silver steel door to the immediate right of the picture closes the EOC off from the stairwell. Both entry stairwells have one of these doors. I believe these doors were to shield the interior of the EOC from radioactive contamination that may have entered the stairwells. Immediately to the right just above the steel door is a decontamination shower. See photo below at bottom of page.

The above right photo was taken from the stairway landing underneath the closed outside blast door. The seal on this door was leaking water into the stairway and you could see outside light coming through. One shackle that tightens the door down was in place but not completely tightened.

Decontamination Shower and Door Lift Cylinder

The above left photo shows the decontamination shower which is located outside the rear shelter steel door inside the back/outside entry stairwell. There is a pull chain to operate the shower hanging down behind the door. This shower was intended for use as a decontamination wash for people entering the shelter from the outside.

The above right photo shows a close-up of the door lift cylinder and operating lever.

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