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First Baptist Church of White Settlement

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Peoples National
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Old Power Plant
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2301 Forest Lane
Garland, Texas

Preston Doctors
Center, Dallas, Tx

Grayson County, Tx

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2301 Forest Lane, Garland Texas

Over the 20+ years of occasional exploring of fallout shelters in the Dallas area I always had a special curiosity about this building. Finally in August of 2008 I stopped and asked the building owner about the basement. I told him why I was interested in the building and he said I could check out the basement. There was no shelter sign on the building and nothing really interesting in the basement but I thought I would put up the photos as another example of a typical fallout shelter area. The Dallas County Community Shelter Plan (CSP) engineering report lists this building's capacity as 164 which surprised me when I looked it up. The Dallas CSP that was issued to the public didn't list the capacities of the shelters. The basement is fairly large but I can't imagine 164 people crammed into that area. This building is number 4 on this map and number4 on this list.

Basement Fallout Shelter Area Click any photo to see larger.