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CD V-777-4 Radiation Kit

CD V-777-2 Kit
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CD V-777-4 Photo From New Age Encyclopedia.
Now here's a real mind-blower! I found this photo in an old New Age Encyclopedia. I forgot to look at the copyright date to see when the encyclopedia set was published but I assume it must have been the very early 1960s or late 1950s judging by what instruments are in the kit. Whenever I come across an old set of encyclopedias I always check the "C" volume to see what it has about Civil Defense. Well this is what I found in the old New Age set. I was stunned when I realized what I was looking at in the photo. This is a CD V-777-4 kit according to the writing on the label on the end of the kit box. I've never seen a V-777-4 listed anywhere in any documents that I have. Evidently at least one did exist. From what I can tell in the photo the kit make-up is 4-CD V-710s, 1-CD V-700, 1-CD V-720, 1-CD V-750, 10-Dosimeters (probably a mix of CD V-730s and CD V-740s) and 1-CD V-787 Water Standard. Notice the size of the kit box. It's huge. Also notice the (U.S. Army) photo credit.