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CD V-757 Barrier Shielding Demonstration Set

757 Lecture Book Cover
A very special thanks to Shane Connor at for this CD V-757 Barrier Shielding Demonstrator unit!
The CD V-757 Barrier Shielding Demonstration Set was for use as a display tool to demostrate how various sheilding meterials blocked radiation. My set is incomplete in that it doesn't have the sheilding samples or the radioactive source with it. The set originally had small round cylinder containers of dirt, wood, concrete, lead and water. The licensed radioactive source was removed by FEMA when this set was decomissioned. The set still works works great. The magnetic trianglular tags were for placement on the display to mark how much each shielding material reduced the radiation level reaching the detector tube at the top of the mast on the base. The source was inside the base and the GM detector tube is mounted in the top of mast. The GM tube has a beta sheild like a CD V-700.

CD V-757 Demostration Video On Youtube

I put together a short demo video of the CD V-757 in operation and posted it on youtube.
I used my trusty aircraft turn and bank indicator as a source to get the CD V-757 to come to life.

CDV757 Counter, Speakers and Source Stand CD V-757 Meter Unit and Speakers.
The CD V-757 demonstration set consists of a demonstration stand with Geiger detector tube and radioactive source, a Geiger counter with a small built-in public address system, a set of small speakers, a set of shielding material samples and a large light up display system. Here is the meter unit with the P.A. speakers and microphone. My set didn't have the shielding samples with it when I got it and it didn't have the radioactive source with it either. The radioactive source was large enough in these sets to have to be licensed. The sources were removed when the sets were decommissioned by FEMA. The shielding samples consisted of concrete, earth, water, wood, and lead.

Light Up Display Tower Lit Up CD V-757 Counter Reading Light-Up Display.
Here is a darker photo to show the light display better. This large light up display is really one of the neatest things to come out of the Civil Defense radiation instrument program. The purpose of this unit is so a large audience in an auditorium would be able to see the display during a demonstration. It operates in conjunction with the meter on the Geiger counter. The display has a green-sleeved flourescent tube behind a tape which scrolls up and down in sync the change in the Geiger counter display.