CD V-777-2
Radiation Kit

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CD V-777-2 Radiation Detection Kit

CD V-777-2 Kit

This is the CD V-777-2 Radiation Detection Kit. I haven't found an old (1960s era) list for the contents of this kit. This kit is described in the FEMA CPG 2-2 as "the standard set recommended for public fallout shelters." It's kind of interesting that FEMA came up with a "fallout shelter radiation set" so long after the shelter program was abandoned. The FEMA CPG 2-2 is dated 1991. I'm speculating, but I believe that this a result of FEMA's planning for "Crisis Relocation" in the 1980's. I haven't found any documentation that confirms that though. The FEMA CPG 2-2 book lists the kit contents as pictured above, 1-CD V-715 Survey Meter, 6-CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger. It's interesting to note that FEMA didn't find it necessary to put a low range (CD V-700) in the "standared kit for fallout shelters." There is a note though in the CPG 2-2: Additional CD V-700 meters may also be made available in the States for peacetime use to augment the standard sets. Also States and localities may wish to augment the standard sets with other instruments. (FEMA CPG 2-2 Page 2-2)