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Selected still images from the Civil Defense Radiological Monitor Course Film CD 3-212

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The title frame of the film.

Let's see what's going on in the shelter today.

Better warm-up the CD V-700 to check this
guy for radioactive fallout contamination.

Set the CD V-700 to the high range.

Go around the body checking for contamination.

Move on down here to the shoes. That meter
is climbing again!!

Better get this guy back to the decontamination area to get that fallout brushed off.

Part One-Personnel Monitoring.

Looks like someone is coming in after the fallout has started to arrive outside.

Don't forget to put those headphones on so
you can hear the clicking of the radiation.

Start up here at the top. Note the probe
wrapped in plastic.

Uh Oh. The meter is climbing. Looks like
this guy picked up some fallout on the way in.

Up goes the meter again!



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