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Rear Hallway From Operations Room To Rear and Outside Entrances.

This photo shows the hallway from the operations room that leads to the rear and outside entrances. The Mechanical Room door is to the immediate right in the photo. The two large silver pipes coming out of the wall at the upper right are the generator exhaust pipes. These pipes exit the shelter through the kitchen and run up the side of the building wall above the shelter. The small hallway to the Men's Restroom is to the immediate left. The first door on the left is the Mayor's Office. The far door on the left is the Kitchen. The stairs up to the outside entrance can be seen through the door at the center of the end of the hall.

This photo was taken looking from the rear and outside entrance stairwell through the shelter towards the front entry. The open door to the immediate left is the inside door that closes the shelter off from the Rear Entry stairwell. This door closes on the inside of the rear stairwell steel door. There is also another door identical to this one at the front entry. The door to the immediate right with the trash can sitting in it is the Kitchen and the second door on the right with the light coming out is the Mayor's Office. The doorway on the left with the pipes overhead, as mentioned above, is the Mechanical Room doorway. The Operations Room is visible through the open door straight ahead.

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