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The above left photo of the kitchen was taken looking in through the doorway. This photo was taken in July of 2013 twelve years after the photo on the above right was taken. The whole kitchen was outfitted with enameled steel cabinets and a really cool old electric range. Two generator exhaust pipes pass by the right side of the big round (what I call the "Fail Safe" vent) air outlet and out through the back wall of shelter. I don't know were the exhaust pipes outlet from there. Notice in the above left photo that there is a rectangular air exhaust duct above the cabinets against the wall at the back of the room. The ducting for the exhaust goes through the wall and into the Men's Restroom which leads to the exhaust air blower.

During an early 2010 search through the Civil Defense archives at Dallas City Hall I found a letter from the manufacturer of these kitchen fixtures. The letter was expressing interest from the company in the fact the kitchen was installed in an "H-bomb Shelter."

The above right photo was taken looking back from the refrigerator corner towards the door to the hallway. I was trying to capture the ductwork and pipes covering the ceiling. Men's restroom and Mayor's office are on the other side of the opposite wall with the sink.

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