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Dormitory Room
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The problem with trying to take photos in a place like this is the limited space. The first time I took photos of the shelter I didn't even bother with this bunk room and the two restrooms. When I went back in March of 2003 I took these photos. It bothered me ever since I originally put this virtual tour up in 2001 that I didn't have all of the rooms pictured so I decided to get everything covered the second time around. This is the Dormitory. It's a room about 10 feet by 10 feet square. On the other side of the movable metal doors on the far side of the room is the Radef operations room. This photo was taken looking through the door that goes from the dormitory room into the women's restroom.

Women's Restroom

The above left photo was taken looking in the door of the women's restroom from the entry hallway just across from the communications room. There are 2 toilet stalls, a small sink and a shower stall (seen in the right photo above). One of the things I figured out during my second tour of the shelter in March, 2003 is how the air was routed through the place. The rectangular air grille connected to the air vent coming through the above the toilet stalls is part of the exhaust air system that runs along the back wall of the shelter. This vent system is connected to the air exhaust blower located in the Mens restroom which exhausts air out of the exhaust anti-blast valve on the surface. The round air outlet above the toilet stalls is part of the fresh air system which is fed out of the mechanical room.
The above right photo shows the women's shower stall located in the women's restroom. The door seen in the photo to the left of the shower stall leads out into the short entry hall and is directly across from the communications room door.

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