Hurricane Betsy Civil Defense Stand-Up Display

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I don't know why it took me until 2012 to photograph this stand-up display for this site but here it is. I guess I never put it up because it's the least colorful of the standups I have and it's pretty torn up. This is one of the original stand-ups "rescued" from the Dallas Civil Defense warehouse cleanout of 1981. This display is labeled "OCD Display 6" but has no date. Since Hurricane Betsy happened in September of 1965 then the date of this display is obviously after that later in the 1960s. There seems to be an odd assortment of photos in the middle of panel 3 of this display. All of the other photos are obviously photos from the disaster but the three photos in the center of panel three are what appear to be a civil defense trailer (but you can only tell it's a CD trialer if you look really closely), an open door with a stack of shelter sanitation kits and a pile of knocked over shelter water barrels outside of a building.